FFFoxy Podcast #58 with Matt Krefting


While this is listed as #58 of the FFFoxy Podcast show, if you have been following us for over the past 4½ years and through a few different name changes, you may know that we’ve done several more shows than that. In fact, this is actually the 100th episode of the podcast series that we have produced. So, we put together a very special show for you for this installment. We are joined by the writer/poet/musician, Matt Krefting, whose recent solo recordings focused on refined tape compositions have been amongst our favorites over the past couple of years. Krefting, however, has been recording for well over a decade in a number of groups based in the Northeast, including The Believers, Shackamaxon, and the long-running trio, Son of Earth. Krefting’s written work has appeared in various online and print publications, and he’s a regular contributor to The Wire Magazine and now Byron Coley’s recently launched Bull Tongue Review quarterly print zine. We talk with Matt about both his writing and his music during the show. He was also kind enough to put together a special mix of music that we played throughout the show that reflects some of his own interests and informs some of his work as a writer and musician.

Please stick around to the end of the show where we mention the start of our new label, Round Bale Recordings, and its inaugural release due out very soon. There will be a more official announcement here on the website within the next week, so please check back. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Matt Krefting “Tiger’s Owl” Lymph Est (Kye)
Son of Earth “Minimum Men” Erotic Empire (Apostasy Recordings)
(Interview segment with Matt Krefting)
David Bowie “The Mirror” (1967 demo)
Gil J Wolman “La Memoire” Revue OU (Alga Marghen)
Whitehouse “Erector” Erector (Come Organization/Susan Lawly)
(Interview segment with Matt Krefting)
Jerry Lee Lewis “She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye” She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye (Smash)
Mandy Morton & Spriguns “According to Matthew” Magic Lady (Banshee)
John Lee Hooker “I’m in the Mood” Alternative Boogie (Capitol)
(Interview segment with Matt Krefting)
Claire Thomas and Susan Vezey “Bright Waves” Reprint (Snatch/Anomalous)
William S. Burroughs “Silver Smoke of Dreams” Break Through in Grey Room (Sub Rosa)
G*Park “Swine” Sub (23Five)
(Interview segment with Matt Krefting)
The Pickle Factory “Oath” Our Pledge (Swill Radio)
Asmus Tietchens “Mäßig Bewegt” Eisgang / Dämmerattacke (Submergence)
Aaron Rosenblum “Good Times” Among The Jackdaws (Hank The Herald Angel Recordings)
(Talk break)
Matt Krefting “I Hear You Calling” I Couldn’t Love You More (Ecstatic Peace!)
Matt Krefting “Sweet Days of Discipline” Sweet Days of Discipline (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Matt Krefting “High Hopes Pt. 2” (excerpt) High Hopes (Open Mouth)

(Photo by Jaime Pagana)

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