FFFoxy Podcast #55


It took a few different studios and a few extra hours to bring you this latest FFFoxy Podcast, but I couldn’t be more excited about the range of sounds covered within this particular episode. Included are some major new works from personal favorites Graham Lambkin & Michael Pisaro, Joey Pizza Slice, and Troy Schafer. I’m equally impressed by some recent discoveries from the likes of Russell St. Bombings, Augenmusik, Talugung, and Ben Pritchard. You’ll find a lot of shorter tracks this time around, making for plenty to digest, so I’m  just going to encourage you to dive right in. Despite all of the technical difficulties, I’m hoping it all sounds okay on your end and that you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments

Graham Lambkin/Michael Pisaro “Leuchtfeuer” Schwarze Riesenfalter CD (Erstwhile)
Mahogany Brain “The Secret Body of Wind” With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) LP (Souffle Continu)
Dream Weapon Ritual “Ebb and Flow #2” Ebb and Flow LP (Boring Machines)
Anne-F Jacques “Side B” (excerpt) dans l’herbe CS (Imminent Frequencies)
Zarabatana “Memória de osso” Fogo Na Carne CS (A Giant Fern)
Aeolipile “Glut” b/w “Paused Pregnancy” 7” (Foolproof)
Kellar “Shining Sun Makes a Dwelling in the Sky” The Even Keel CD (Foolproof)
(Talk break)
Joey Pizza Slice “You’re Right On Time” JPS OSR #33 CS (OSR)
Russell St. Bombings “Side B” (excerpt) S/T LP (Smart Guy)
Constant Pain “Shadow of a Lonely Man” b/w “Demon Lover” 7” (De Stijl)
They Spunks “Land Under Waves” A Sporran of Carrots CS (Albert’s Basement)
Nothing Band “Today’s Grossest News” True Refrigerator CS (24/7 Tapes)
Milk From Cheltenham “Snappy Fingers” Triptych of Poisoners CD (Alga Marghen)
Galaxie Deluxe “Horatio McCallister” II CS (OJC Recordings)
Augenmusik “Phase XII” (excerpt) S/T CS (Eiderdown)
(Talk break)
Troy Schafer “Side B” Untitled No. 3 CS (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Voice Crack “Earflash” Earflash CD (Dexter’s Cigar)
Talugung “Storm Water Refraction” Multiplying Dead Ends CS (Power Moves Label)
Amps For Christ “Ancient Tokarians” Songs From Mt. Ion CD (Total Annihilation)
Chris Weisman “Carry On Melting” The Holy Life That’s Coming LP (NNA)
Ben Pritchard “Naked Island” A Drawn Out Line CS* (Wagtail)
Loren Connors “Airs 12” Airs LP (Recital)
(Talk break)
Hollow Boys “Someday” Violent Ascension CS (Blight)
The Radiation Flowers “Run” II CD (Sundowning)
Slasher Risk “Brooklyn” スラシア リスク CD (Obsolete Units)
Secret Valley “Angry Loners Unite” The Glisten EP 12” (Albert’s Basement)
Lake Daggers “Moving the Skies” Transient CS (Golden Cloud Tapes)

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