FFFoxy Podcast #54: Vitrine feature


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we started off the show with a premiere excerpt from the Philadelphia-based duo Good Area’s forthcoming LP called Macbeth. This release, following solid efforts out on the reputable Kye and Hanson labels, is due out later in the year on Vitrine, the private imprint started in 2013 by Good Area members Allen Mozek and Gabi Losoncy. Vitrine has been slowly issuing works from other like-minded artists dealing in primitive electronics, tape manipulation, sound poetry, and noise. On this episode, we be spoke with Allen about the work that he’s doing with Vitrine, along with the sound work that he is doing under the name No Intention and with Good Area. You will also hear several selections from the Vitrine catalog throughout, including some other new and forthcoming releases and a few other Philadelphia-related artists that Allen provided. If you are interested in checking out further sound clips, you can head over to the Vitrine YouTube page. If you’d like to purchase any Vitrine titles, we’d encourage you to check out the following mail order sites: Alberts Basement (AU), Art Into Life (JP), Crisis of Taste, Fusetron, Hanson, Infinite Limits (UK), Little Big Chief, Mimaroglu, Swill Radio, and Tordan Ljud (EU). Hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Good Area “Macduff Pt. 1” (excerpt) Macbeth (*forthcoming on Vitrine)
Three-Legged Race “Ex-Locksmith” Rope Commercial Vol. 2 CS (VT07)
(Interview segment with Allen Mozek)
Spoils & Relics “Infrared Air” Map of the Interior CS (VT06)
Gene Pick “Secondary Cell” Lacing the Air CS (VT04)
Safe House “1:11 / Region VI” Region VI CS (Vitrine) (VT003)
Good Area “Anti P” (excerpt) Dilettante Cassette CS (VT01)
(Interview segment with Allen Mozek)
Copley Medal “Joop” Marble Cage CS (VT08)
A. Bolus “Chopping Polish Speed on a CON:DOM/Militia CD” (excerpt) Tropical Poolside Drainage CS (VT09)
Adam Bohman “Keelhaul Consumption” The Period Before Christmas / No Strings Attached (*forthcoming on Vitrine)
(Interview segment with Allen Mozek)
No Intention “Suicide Blues” +B CS (Robert and Leopold)
No Intention “Armchair Electronics” Armchair Electronics (*forthcoming on Vitrine)
(Interview segment with Allen Mozek)
Christian Mirande “Italian Tire Pressure”
Steven White “Revox Christening”
T.D. “Time Bends Forward” Violence as Sport CS (Crisis of Taste)

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