FFFoxy Podcast #51: OSR Tapes feature



On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we spoke with Zach Phillips of OSR Tapes. Started in Brattleboro, Vermont, and now based in Brooklyn, New York, OSR Tapes has issued a number of terrific releases over the past few years that veer into grey areas of leftfield pop and other unclassifiable sounds. This past fall, they put out a whopping thirteen releases at one time that span various formats and styles. In addition to running OSR, Zach has also produced a sizable body of work of his own through his various solo and collaborative projects, chief among them being Blanche Blanche Blanche. We talked with Zach about his own music, about running OSR, and about his recent decision to move all of his label & music-related activity offline. Throughout the show you’ll also hear a fairly healthy selection of tracks from the OSR back catalog. You can get detailed information about how to order OSR titles by heading over to their website. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Blanche Blanche Blanche “Ryan and Lisa” Open Session Rock CS (OSR3)
Blanche Blanche Blanche “Vacuum” Hints to Pilgrims LP (OSR25)
(Interview segment with Zach Phillips)
Chris Weisman “Coconut Feeling” Monet in the 90’s LP (OSR24)
Ruth Garbus “Opal Elections” Joule EP 7” (OSR27)
Hartley C. White “Ten Miles Behind the Lines” This Is Not What You Expect LP (OSR26)
(Interview segment with Zach Phillips)
Moth Eggs “I Give Up” Recursive Surfing CS (OSR19)
The Lentils “You Were A Clue” Music On A Tape: Songs by Chris Weisman CS (OSR18)
Jimmie Packard “Give Me Back My Heart” A Time To Look Back CS (OSR23)
Kateboard “Oh Bury Me Not” That’s Not A Helicopter CS (OSR16)
(Interview segment with Zach Phillips)
CE Schneider Topical “Look Who Showed Up Out Here” Look Who Showed Up Out Here CS (OSR28)
Zach Phillips “Tarot Card” Music On A Tape: Songs by Chris Weisman CS (OSR18)
Better Psychics “You Can Bring Your Battle Here” What Is Rule CS (OSR6)
Heat Wilson “I Don’t Care” Seersucker CS (OSR14)
Zach Phillips “I Can’t Predict My Past Actions” (Part One) I Can’t Predict My Past Actions CS (OSR7)
(Interview segment with Zach Phillips)
Gordon Wallace “Mastery” Send Away CS (OSR8)
The Memories “We Can Call It Whatever” Crash On My Heart cassingle (OSR13)
Palberta “Superstore” Shitheads in the Ditch CS (OSR22)
The Dream Scene “New Emotion” b/w Behind the Scenes cassingle (OSR21)
Ed Askew “Rainbow Bridge” Rainbow Bridge CS (OSR20)
Bruce Hart “Bruce At Hart” Songs For Music CS (OSR1)
Blanche Blanche Blanche “The Power of Music” 2wice 2wins CS (OSR1)

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