FFFoxy Podcast #48


This episode of the FFFoxy Podcast runs the stylistic gamut maybe more noticeably than usual. Throughout the show you’ll hear everything from saccharine pop songs (Piano Movers, Jerry Paper) to blasted riff rock (Exhaustion, Shooting Guns) to text-based shenanigans (Yeast Culture, The Hafler Trio) and several points in between. There simply was a lot of great music to cover; in fact, this might be the most tracks we’ve ever played in a single episode of the show. Hopefully everything flows together in a way that doesn’t sound too jarring on your ears. Throughout the show you’ll also hear the phrase “_____, who put out one of my favorite releases of the year” tossed around a few times, so it’s worth mentioning that we’ll be putting together our year-end “FFFavorites” list once again in the week’s ahead. This year we are going to be featuring 50 titles broken down into the following categories: 20 favorite albums, 20 favorite tapes, 10 favorite reissues/archival releases. We won’t, however, be doing any type of year-end recap on the podcast show itself, we’ve got plenty of other new music and feature shows to get to. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Shooting Guns “Barn Burner” Wolfcop Original Soundtrack Recording CD (Sundowning)
Exhaustion “Silver Fog” Biker LP* (Aarght)
Henderson, Mettler, Foisy, & Lachance “Track 3” Built Like a Brick Shithouse CS (Small Scale Music)
Hala Strana “Lasting” Fielding 2CD (Last Visible Dog)
Matt Krefting “Sweet Song” Recitals CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Meyers “Two Windows” Après Garde CD (Sympathy Limited)
Hunted Creatures “Whisper Bullets” Mogollon Rim CS (Dynamo Sound Collective)
(Talk break)
Q//Q “Jardin” Heimaey CD (Beko)
F.P. Tranquilizer “Teepee in the Forest” F.P. Tranquilizer//Microdot CD (Sundowning)
Charles Barabé “Chapter 3: Stigmate II” Stigmates CS (905 Tapes)
Jerry Paper “The Real Feel” Big Pop For Chameleon World LP (Orange Milk)
A.J. Kaufmann “Crown of Things” Stoned Gypsy Wanderer CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Hear Hums “Unlock” Malaise CS (Inner Islands)
M. Sage “Data in the Details (Mover Isuzu Dub Edit)” (excerpt) Data in the Details CS (Geographic North)
(Talk break)
Piano Movers “Girlfriend’s Lovers” b/w Downtown 2Day 7” (Fruits & Flowers)
Village of Spaces “Daphne” Gathering CS (Sloow Tapes)
Riley Reasor “Wrong Angles” Tumbleweeds CS (self-released)
Heat Wilson “I Don’t Care” Seersucker CS (OSR Tapes)
Mad Nanna “I’m Not Coming Here” In Glasgow LP (Golden Lab)
Food Court “Side A” (excerpt) S/T LP (KYE)
Running Point “Delayed Port-Circle” In High Trail’T CD-R (Inyrdisk)
(Talk break)
Missing Organs “Absence of Evidence” Undiscovered CS (Power Moves Label)
The Hafler Trio “Second Way Of Saying Two” Three Ways of Saying Two – The Netherland Lectures LP (Charm)
Yeast Culture “Imposition” Map of the Interior CS (Vitrine)
Mike & Cara Gangloff “Cherry River Line” Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life LP* (Mie Music)
Pelt “Untitled” (excerpt) Heraldic Beasts 2LP (Eclipse)

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