FFFoxy Podcast #46


There were loads of new releases to sift through for this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, several of which are surely going to be in the mix when it comes to year-end list time (too soon??). In particular, there was lots of great bizarro cassettes to spin; we’ve been especially loving the latest sounds from Samantha Glass, White Fir, and Ernest Gibson. We’ll  likely be doing an all-cassette edition of the podcast show within the next month or so to spotlight more of this cassette activity. Can’t say enough good things about each of the LPs that made their way into this podcast, too. The latest full-lengths from Giant Claw, Panabrite, and Ulaan Markhor feature some of the strongest work by each of these artists who have been long-time favorites of the show. Hope you enjoy the music throughout. Please forgive the overuse of the word “phenomenal” during the talk breaks, though. Apparently, adjectives are much more difficult to come by when under-caffeinated at six in the morning  Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Samantha Glass “Surreal Findings” Surface Water Perception CS (Sacred Phrases)
Banana Head “Lonely For You” Phones the Public CS (Goaty Tapes)
Strange Stains “Into the Night” Anti-Aging Formula CS (All Gone)
Jason Millard “Everything Moves” Second Based CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
White Fir “Used Flowers” Lake Seeds vol. 3: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again CS (Ambivalent Soap)
Moniek Darge & Graham Lambkin “Indian Weather Trap” Indian Soundies CD (KYE/Penultimate Press)
(Talk break)
Ashley Paul “Heat Source” Heat Source CD* (Important)
Madrigal “Tambula” S/T LP (Subliminal Sounds)
Rambling Boys “Keskellä Yötä & Burning” True To Blue CS (Sloow Tapes)
(Talk break with Nathan McLaughlin)
Nathan McLaughlin “Concrete & Marigolds” Nothing To Be Sad About CD-R (Eilean)
Bord á Bord “Deception” S/T CS (Small Scale Music)
Howlround “Torridon Gate” (excerpt) Torridon Gate CD/MP3 (A Year in the Country)
(Talk break)
Ernest Gibson “Wings” Pastoral IV CS (Crash Symbols)
Brizbomb “140131T2101” 1401 LP (self-released)
Final Cop “Great Unlearning” Lieutenant John Pike CS (Jehu & Chinaman)
Hidden Persuaders “Lost Hearts” The Bone Forest CS (A Giant Fern)
Sad Horse “Check’s In The Mail” Purple On Purple Makes Purple CS (Field Hymns)
Alex Boatman & The Handsome Pants “The Winner Squeaks By” The Winner Squeaks By CS (Vwyrd Wurd)
Ulaan Markhor “The Nocturnal in Daylight” Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al. LP (Soft Abuse)
Ashtray Navigations “Guzzardland” Aero Infinite CS (Tape Drift)
(Talk break)
Giant Claw “Darkweb 002” Dark Web LP (Orange Milk/Noumenal Loom)
Panabrite “Arcade” Pavilion LP (Immune)
Matthew Revert “Remedy” (excerpt) Not You LP (KYE)

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