FFFoxy Podcast #45: Bob Bucko Jr. in-studio session


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we had Bob Bucko Jr. – a talented songwriter and adventurous experimental musician based out of Dubuque, Iowa – join us in the studio for a live session and for a brief chat. Bob has put out numerous releases on his own Personal Archives label and has had a few well-received full-length LPs out on Captcha Records over the past few years. His musical output covers a broad sonic landscape: from free jazz and improvisation, to electronic and drone music, and on to more singer-songwriter-oriented material. Bob has another album due out on Captcha Records in the months ahead, along with a few other releases that are in the works, and he is currently out on tour over the next few weeks playing dates throughout the Midwest and parts of the East Coast. Check out the live dates listed below and do whatever you can to go out and see him play. Click on the following Bandcamp links for more information about Bob Bucko Jr.’s music and his Personal Archives label:  Bob Bucko Jr and Personal Archives. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

BBJr “There Is No Other” (excerpt) Tearjerker (Captcha Records)
BBJr “Love Plasm/Luv Psalm” How to Fuck All Your Coworkers in One Sitting (Captcha Records)
BBJr “No Road Long Enough” I Did What I Could With What I Had (*forthcoming LP on Captcha Records)
***BBJr live in KMSU studios***
(Interview segment with BBJr)
BBJr “Touch (Is The Prayer That) Has No Religion …” The World Is Big, The Road Is Long (Personal Archives)
(Interview segment with BBJr)
BBJr “Go Places” from upcoming CD on Nova Labs
Arc Numbers “Canal” from upcoming CD on Jeunesse Cosmique
(Interview segment with BBJr)
Bean Snack “Father Suckers” Bean Snack 2 (Personal Archives)
YlangYlang “Perception of Time ft. Téléphone Maison” Cottonhead See-er (Personal Archives)
Nora Petran “Vaulted Ceilings” Vice President (Personal Archives)
Marlo Eggplant “Track 2 – Side B” 6.13.13 (Personal Archives)
(Interview segment with BBJr)
Mahler Haze “Bestial-Celestial” Counterfactual (Personal Archives)
Curt Oren “Everyone Is” Home (Personal Archives)
(Interview segment with BBJr)
Distant Trains “Let Me Off This Merry-Go-Round” Sacrosanct Blues (Personal Archives)
Abe Undent “Vyvanate With Pleasure” Split Cassingle w/ Bob Bucko Jr (Personal Archives)
(Interview segment with BBJr)
BBJr “The Strength of Ill Will” I Did What I Could With What I Had (*forthcoming LP on Captcha Records)

Bob Bucko Jr Fall 2014 Tour: A Fool’s Errand
Oct. 7 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Satellite Records w/ Peter Walker
Oct. 8 – Indianapolis, IN @ Irving Theater w/ Surrealestate
Oct. 9 – Columbus, OH @ House With No Name
Oct. 10 – Pittsburgh, PA @ tba w/ Valerie Kuehne, Welsch Blackmail, Tropic
Oct. 11 – Buffalo, NY @ Dreamland w/ Different Planets, Pappy Stardust and the Eclectic Moon Sandwich, OHS
Oct. 12 – Cleveland, OH @ Guide to Kulchur w/ OBNOX
Oct. 13 – Cincinnati, OH @ Rake’s End w/ Idiot Heathens, Electric Inertia, Blood Queef
Oct. 14 – Chicago, IL @ The Mutiny w/ XZX, Dance Cheetah
Oct. 15 – Kenosha, WI @ Mr. EVIL’s Satanic Funhouse w/ Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli, Sid Yiddish
Oct. 16 – Champaign, IL @ Institue 4 Creativity
Oct. 17 – Iowa City, IA @ Trumpet Blossom w/ Brooks Strause, Samuel Locke Ward

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