FFFoxy Podcast #44


This episode of the FFFoxy Podcast is admittedly a bit more guitar-heavy than usual. After catching some remarkable performances by the likes of Michael Chapman, Bill Orcutt, and Matthew De Gennaro at the Old Familiar Chime festival a week ago, I seem to be still working through a bit of a fascination with that instrument at the moment. Don’t worry, though, there’s a lot more than power chords and acoustic finger-pickin’ heard throughout this episode. Some of my current favorites right now include the down home folk songcraft of Village of Spaces and Wes Tirey, the distorted beats of Amalgamated and Mark Barrage, the inventive guitar stylings of Tashi Dorji and Derek Monypeny, and the archival homeruns of Owen Maercks and Peter Jefferies. There’s a lot more to check out and get excited about, too. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Village of Spaces “Wheels” Welcome In LP (Turned Word)
E Gone “Traveler, You Will Sing” All the Suns of the Earth LP/CD-R (Sunrise Ocean Bender/Deep Water Acres)
Peter Jefferies “Swerve” Electricity 2LP (Superior Viaduct)
Fausto Maijstral “Naval Reserve” S/T LP (La Station Radar)
Tashi Dorji & Frank Meadows “Third Axiom” Number Six is Sacred CS (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Derek Monypeny “Nastaleeq” How Can Be CS (Ambivalent Soap)
Bob Bucko Jr. “Improv I 042714” (excerpt) Crank Spirit CS (Personal Archives)
(Talk break)
Amalgamated “Plinth” S/T CD (Aubjects)
The Will To Power “I Have” Down CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
$.99 Dreams “Lacus Exitium” Spei Res LP* (Draft)
Mark Barrage “He’s My Dad” Surplus Behaviour CS* (Endless Melt)
Russell Walker & Dan Melchior “Sad Son In Law” b/w “I Could Sit Here Forever” 7” (Kill Shamen)
Post-Materialists “Moist Rita” b/w “Glyptique” 7” (Post-Materialization)
Panabrite “Digest of Botanicals” (excerpt) Oceanic Triangulation CS (Inner Islands)
(Talk break)
Kraus “Killer” Workers In Kontrol MP3 (Free Music Archive)
Owen Maercks “60 Cycle Hum” Teenage Sex Therapist LP (Feeding Tube)
Caroliner “For Bread and Axe” I’m Armed With Quarts Of Blood LP (Subterranean)
VWLS “Crashing Concrete Central” split w/ Chapels CS (House of Alchemy)
Throbbing Gristle “Persuasion” 20 Jazz Funk Greats CS (Industrial/Mute)
Metal Rouge “The Libation” b/w Sagas’ “Glass Epiphany” CS (Discriminate Music)
(Talk break)
Urkas “In the Pit” Stamen and Pistil CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Matt LaJoie “Lotta Bottle” Unlifted CS (Cabin Floor Esoteria)
Wes Tirey “Come Home” O, Annihilator CS* (Full Spectrum)

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