FFFoxy Podcast #39: A Line in the Sand feature


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we delved into the latest collaborative endeavor from a core group of artists that have been long-time favorites of ours on the show: Nathan McLaughlin, Joe Houpert, Cody Yantis, and Josh Mason. For the past two years, they have been working on an ambitious series of releases under the banner A Line in the Sand that encompasses a range of artists, labels, formats, and mediums, all in an effort to foster a sense of community and to create purposeful music and art together. While all of these guys have collaborated together in some capacity prior to this, we had a chance to interview each of them – together in pairs as you will hear – to find out what distinguished this project from others and what the creative process was like throughout. We were also fortunate enough to get to speak with Chris Koelle, the talented artist/illustrator that contributed the elaborate portrait drawings and overall design to tie things together visually for each of the releases.

In addition to hearing these interview segments, you’ll also hear selections from each of these artists throughout the show that spans all of the various releases and formats involved. All said, we couldn’t endorse a project more enthusiastically than this one as every artist involved – including all of the additional 7” collaborators – has been featured on our podcast show in some way over the years. Please check out the following links for more information and for ordering purposes: Desire Path Recordings, FET Press, Digitalis Recordings. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Nathan McLaughlin “4.5” Echolocation #4 CS (Sunshine Ltd.)
Prayer “B2” First Species CS (Sunshine Ltd. – Tour Edition)
Josh Mason “Bridgefisher” Timecode Beach CS (Digitalis)
Cody Yantis “Seven” Starvation Winter CS (Sunshine Ltd.)
Interview segment with Nathan McLaughlin & Joe Houpert
Nathan McLaughlin “A4” Line Drawings LP (Desire Path Recordings)
Joe Houpert “A2” Alice Sketches CS (Digitalis)
Nathan McLaughlin “B1” Alice Sketches CS (Digitalis)
Joe Houpert “B4” Line Drawings LP (Desire Path Recordings)
Interview segment with Josh Mason & Cody Yantis
Josh Mason “A1” Line Drawings LP (Desire Path Recordings)
Cody Yantis “B1” Line Drawings LP (Desire Path Recordings)
Josh Mason “B3” Alice Sketches CS (Digitalis)
Cody Yantis “3:56” Studies 7” (Desire Path Recordings/FET Press)
Interview segment with Chris Koelle
Chris Koelle “3:09” Studies 7” (Desire Path Recordings/FET Press)
Mary Lattimore “4:26” Studies 7″ (Desire Path Recordings/FET Press)
Closing comments from Joe Houpert

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