FFFoxy Podcast #37: Roaratorio feature

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On this episode of the podcast show, we were joined in the studio by James Lindbloom who runs the Roaratorio label out of Minneapolis. We’ve been talking with James for years about having him be a guest on the show, and finally the weather and our schedules (etc.) were in sync. And his appearance on the show couldn’t have come at a more fitting time. As many already know, this past week marked the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Sun Ra on Earth, and Roaratorio’s most recent offering happens to be a previously unreleased album from Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra titled Other Strange Worlds – a unique and important entry to Ra’s massive catalog. So, in addition to playing a track and discussing details surrounding this release, James brought with him some other rarities from Sun Ra’s Saturn imprint that, to date, haven’t been reissued. We also spun a bunch of tracks from the Roaratorio catalog and discussed some forthcoming projects that the label has lined-up. Visit the Roaratorio website for more information and to order their many fine releases.

Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra “Other Strange Worlds” Other Strange Worlds LP (Roar 33)
Sun Ra & His Orchestra “We Live To Be” Somewhere Over the Rainbow LP (Saturn)
Sun Ra “West End Side of Magic City” Omniverse LP (Saturn)
Sun Ra “Quiet Ecstasy” Aurora Borealis LP (Saturn)
Steve Lacy & Joe McPhee “The Rest” The Rest LP (Roar 28)
Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano “For Han Bennink” Scraps and Shadows LP (Roar 26)
“A” Trio “Mechwar Rayhin Mechwar (Part I)” Live in Nickeldorf LP (Roar 32)
Nelson Gastaldi “First Movement” Symphony No. 3: Siddhartha Gautama O El Poder De La Nada LP (Roar 24)
Rodd Keith “Sing My Death Note” Black Phoenix Blues LP (Roar 31)
Crystal Syphon “Marcy, Your Eyes” Family Evil LP (Roar 25)
Rotate the Completor “#6” Completed Rotations of the … LP (Roar 20)
Knife World “Sunbeam” S/T LP (Roar 13)


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