FFFoxy Podcast #35


Lots of great new music to sift through on this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast. We’ve been especially loving the latest offerings from the Fabrica, Kye, and Constellation Tatsu labels of late. In particular, the Rodman Melchoir/Melchoir Rodman tape on Fabrica has been given ample spins in the FFF bunker. It features a remarkable arrangement of sounds and, given that all of the money taken in through the sales of this tape will be donated to the Letha Rodman-Melchoir cancer fund, you should consider picking this one up right away. Another tape that has caught our attention is this new one from Selaroda called Polytexturalism out on Sanity Muffin. You get pulled into its intoxicating “audiofilms” through its excellent pacing and spaciousness – top-notch stuff, indeed! And if you’ve listened to our regular Thursday show this past month or so, you know that Satanic Rockers off-shoot, Sacred Product, has put out some of our absolute favorite rock music of late, though that now may be closely contested by Mendocino’s boogie-boogie raunch. Hope you enjoy! Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Unicorn “Playing With Light” Playing With Light LP (Fabrica)
Rodman Melchoir “Marsh of Decay” Rodman Melchoir/Melchoir Rodman CS (Fabrica)
Christophe Bailleau “Welcome To My Stereo” Sonic Pool Hypnose Club CS (Sacred Phrases)
Imperial Topaz “Moonlit Mind” Full of Grace LP (Tranquility Vinyl)
Novy Svet “Yo No” Doce LP (Kill Shaman)
Selaroda “Küstenweg” Polytexturalism CS (Sanity Muffin)
Stefan Jaworzyn “Cast Out” (excerpt) The Annihilating Light LP (Kye)
(Talk break)
Sacred Product “Ride Back” Wastex 2×7” (Quemada)
Afrika Pseudobruitismus “Xpressway To Your Skull” Amen CS (Singapore Sling)
Macho Blush “Causeway” Maximum Public CS (self-released)
Mendocino “Side A” (excerpt) Chili From Dad’s House CS (Old Man Tapes)
Mold Omen “Earth Shaped” Ascension or Whatever CS (Holy Page)
Negative Energy “Citizen” Thief CS (Negative Energy)
Gora Sou “Catalina Golf Cart Rental” Living XXL CS (Noumenal Loom)
Jonas Reinhardt “Destruction Of A Ghost” Ganymede LP (Constellation Tatsu)
(Talk break)
Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble “The Ooli Moves” Intergalactic Beings CD (FPE)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell “O What Joy It Is To Know…” Beyond the Black Crack CD (Paradigm Discs)
Jeff Keen “Artwar Light and Dark Show” Noise Art CD (Trunk)
Q///Q “Ideas Give Way” Crude Gourds CS (Singapore Sling)
Xwave “Track #1” New Market CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn)
Running Point “The Volcano” For Guitar and Amplifier CS (Power Moves Label)
(Talk break)
Jason Lescalleet “The Tragedy of Man” Much To My Demise LP (Kye)

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