FFFoxy Podcast #34: Scissor Tail Editions feature

Scissor Tail Banner

On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast we focused in on the work of Scissor Tail Editions out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a label that deals in mostly experimental, drone, and folk sounds and that has released music by some favorites of ours here on the show, including Nathan McLaughlin and Josh Mason. In addition to playing a bunch of music from the Scissor Tail Editions catalog, we also spoke with Dylan Aycock, who, along with running the label, also records raw experimental folk-based music of his own under his given name and as Talk West, the latter of which he has a terrific new album out as on the great Preservation label called Black Coral Sprig. Aycock has also collaborated with other Tulsa musicians, including Digitalis main man Brad Rose in Mohawk Park and Angel Food, and in another project called Golden Pawn. We touched on all of these various pursuits throughout the course of our conversation with Dylan. Check out the Scissor Tail Editions website for more information and to order some of their many fine releases.

Robin Allender “Esplanade” from Foxes in the Foyer LP (ST14)
Dylan Golden Aycock “Rise and Shine” from Rise and Shine LP (ST08)
*Interview segment with Dylan Aycock
Bruce Langhorne “Leaving Del Norte” from The Hired Hand LP (ST07)
Hurricanes of Love “Front Porch Bronki Blues” from Night Tyme Vybes CS (ST09)
Yousei Suzuki “Variations” from The Scene From a Frame CS (ST10)
Lake Mary “White River” from split w/ Padang Food Tigers 7” (ST16)
Jesse Aycock “First to Last” from Out to Space b/w First to Last 7” (ST15)
*Interview segment with Dylan Aycock
Nick Castell “Quarter Century” from The Water Margin CS (ST19)
Matteo Uggeri “Zadar” from Untitled Winter CD (ST18)
Grizzly Imploded “Discharge of Aura On a Black Night” from You Are the Way You Face Your Death CS (ST11)
Mohawk Park “Snakewhites” from Ungeometric Circuit CS (ST04)
*Interview segment with Dylan Aycock
Talk West “Light Black” from Black Coral Sprig CD (Preservation)
Golden Pawn “Golden Pawn” from This Lake Is A Misty Mirror CS (Space Slave Editions)
Talk West “Dark White” from Black Coral Sprig CD (Preservation)

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