FFFoxy Podcast #31

There was loads of excellent new cassette material to play on this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, among this a couple of cool ones from the Night People label (now based in the Twin Cities), some wonky found sound/loop-based weirdness from Cruudeuces and Woven Hare (not to mention an unclassifiable piece by Good Area offshoot, No Intention), and an essential reissue of an old A Handful of Dust release (originally put out on Bruce Russell’s own Corpus Hermeticum label in the 90’s). Additionally, Hobo Cubes has delivered his finest outing yet with this latest LP entitled Apex Ideals, and Father Murphy offers up an interesting new concept album that includes two, singled-sided 10″ records that can be played individually or simultaneously. Hope you enjoy!

Father Murphy “Tracks #1 & #3” (simultaneous edit) Pain Is On Our Side Now 2×10”* (Aagoo/Boring Machines)
Fingers Pty Ltd. “He said…Knuckleduster” Broken Fingers CS (Night People)
Larry Wish “The Designer” Sometimes I Kimberly Myself CD-R (Soothing Almond Collective)
Hobo Cubes “Infatuation” Apex Ideals LP (Debacle)
Beat Detectives “Picture Of A Picture (Extended Void Edit)” Music…About Time CS (Night People)
Cruudeuces “Laughing In My Grave” The Moon Is Hungry 2xCS (Intangible Cat)
A Handful of Dust “He Who Eats . . .” From a Soundtrack to the Anabase of St-John Perse CS (Imminent Frequencies)
.mf “A View From A Hellward Stanchion” Cardboard City CS (Nada/Ripples)
Phork “Street Furntiture” American Tao CS (Noumenal Loom)
Brent Naucke “Empress” Transparency 7”* (Notes and Bolts/Catholic Tapes)
Joel Vandroogenbroeck “Metallic Agony” Biomechanoid LP* (Aguirre)
Brainticket “To Another Universe” Celestial Ocean CD (Purple Pyramid)
Krautheim II “Heilglaswater” Die täuschende Optik CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Woven Hare “untitled” Tired Hands compilation CS (Worn Habit)
Wes Tirey “Morning Hymn” Home Recordings CS (Orange Milk)
Grow Horns “From the Vantage Point Of Ice” The Grass Cross CD (Centsless Productions)
Claypipe “The Math of Random Fractures” The Jewelled Antler Library 4CD (Porter Records)
Cody Yantis “Simple Matters” (excerpt) Resonant Memory CS (Planted Tapes)
Louis Minus Seize “My Shoes Are More Fashionable Than Your Face” Bird and Bats CD (Norwegianism Records)
“A” Trio “Mechwar Rayhim Mechwar (Part 2)” Live In Nickelsdorf LP (Roaratorio)
No Intention “Sound Debris, Pt. 2” Debris Music CS* (Vitrine)

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