FFFoxy Podcast #30: Field Hymns feature


Field Hymns, started in late-2009 by Dylan McConnell, is a Portland-based cassette label that has put together an impressive catalog of mostly experimental and electronic-leaning sounds. McConnell is a talented artist in his own right. His music under the names Adderall Canyonly and Oxykitten and his graphic design work under the banner Tiny Little Hammers have been central to Field Hymns’ overall look and sound. His music and artwork has appeared on several other notable tape imprints over the past few years as well. We recently had a chance to speak with McConnell about Field Hymns, his design work, and his music, and we aired that conversation throughout this show. We also played a bunch of music from various past, present, and future Field Hymns releases, along with some additional Adderall Canyonly tracks to wrap things up.

Oxykitten “Msr. Slab” Escape From New Amsterdam CS (FH038)
Andreas Brandal “Into Something Else” Staying Is Nowhere CS (FH027)
*Interview segment with Dylan McConnell
Mattress “Beautiful Moment” Fuck the Future CS (FH039)
Black Hat “The Lattice and Cormorant” Covalence CS (FH033)
Hammer of Hathor “Air Pain” Vroom-Psycho CS (FH009)
Lazercrotch “Space Jizz” Gemini Air Systems CS (FH037)
PLVS VLTRA “ちょーちょ (with Nico)” Yo-Yo Blue CS (FH035)
*Interview segment with Dylan McConnell
Black Unicorn “Temporal Immensities” Traced Landscapes (FH040 *forthcoming tape/Feb.)
Cane Swords “Le Synchroniseur Luminescent” Temple Swords (FH041 *forthcoming tape/Feb.)
Scammers “Dave” Cover You CS (FH042 *forthcoming tape/April)
German Army “Mumbai” Tassili Plateau CS (FH043 *forthcoming tape/April)
Yves Malone “Eyeball Funk” The Echo People (FH045 *forthcoming tape/mid-to-late 2014)
*Interview segment with Dylan McConnell
Adderall Canyonly “We Are Everywhere At Once” We Are Everywhere At Once CD (Debacle)
Adderall Canyonly “Ruan” Beneath the Crystal Canyon A Spark Remains (*forthcoming tape on Moss Archive)
Adderall Canyonly “Heavens Bells Have Called Mother Home” Between The Rays Lies Fear… CS (Jehu & Chinaman)


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