FFFoxy Podcast #28

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On the latest episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we delved into a pile of micro-label releases from around the globe making note of a few of our year-end list additions, including the latest from the Brisbane duo, Primitive Motion, the stellar debut from the vinyl mastering guru, Rashad Becker, and the excellent collaborative effort between Ron House (of Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, etc.) and Jared Phillips (of Times New Viking) billed as the Counter Intuits.

Primitive Motion “Skyline” Worlds Floating By LP (Bedroom Suck)
German Army “Communion With Form” Last Language LP (A Giant Fern)
Glass Random “I’m A Criminal” S/T CS (Singapore Sling)
Amateur Childbirth “Pripyat” Pripyat LP (Disembraining)
Counter Intuits “Stickin Pins” S/T LP (Pyramid Scheme)
Angie “Shared Futures” Turning LP (Easter Bilby / Rice is Nice)
Graham Lamkin “Abersayne” b/w “Attersaye” 7” (Kye)
Cyrus Pireh & Honduras “Concordia” (excerpt) S/T LP (Shinkoyo)
Rashad Becker “Dance II” Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1 (Pan)
Seth Graham “Cream Masters” Creaky Clumsy CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Peninsula “la socarrada” b/w “los hornillos” 7” (Love the Chaos)
MJ Guider “Two Twenty-Two” Prima CS* (Constellation Tatsu)
Trouble Books “Stacking Spheres” Love At Dusk LP* (Mie Music)
Adderall Canyonly “The Witches of Christ” We Are Everywhere At Once CD (Debacle)
Lens “TG:DG (dub)” (excerpt) Visions Meet Light in the Cult House CS (Field Studies)
Chalaque “Simple Mathematics” (excerpt) Sounds From the Other Ideology LP (Golden Lab)
Luciernaga “Land of Four Corners” Land of 4 Corners CD-R (Tape Drift)
Spencer Dobbs “Paleface” Of Texas CD-R+Chapbook+CD-R (Anahuac Editions)
The Original Flowering Earth “Side A” (excerpt) Hosshin CS (Cave Recordings)
Xiphiidae “Side B” (excerpt) Pass Hidingly Seek LP (Aguirre)
Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié “Side A” Anaglyph #1 CS (A Giant Fern)
The Lost Domain “A Friend of my Brother’s Wife” Blondes Chew More Gum 2LP (Negative Guest List)

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