FFFoxy Podcast #113

I had to make some adjustments for this week’s show after having my laptop crash on me. I had plans for another feature show, but I’ve had to delay that for the time being until I get things sorted out. Even though I seldom use a computer for music playback, it’s become glaringly clear to me in the past week how much I use it for all the other aspects of preparing the show. Honestly, I’ve been thrown off a bit. I went back to paper-and-pencil preparation, which was actually a refreshing way to do things, so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the results on this installment. This time around, I’ve got a bunch of recent acquisitions to play for you from record store trips, label submissions, and trades. There’s truly LOTS of great material to cover on this episode, so I’m hoping you’ll see this one through all the way to the end. If so, you’ll not only get to hear great warbly pop janglers from The Stroppies and Drunk Elk, but you’ll also hear incredible new sounds from Kraus, Matthew Revert, Ka Baird, Julianna Barwick & Rafael Anton Irisarri, Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin and more, not to mention stellar new reissues from John Duncan, Solid Space, and Emilio Aparicio Moog. I hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

~Introductory Music: Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin “Hush”
The Stroppies “Production Lines” It’s A Hit! 7” (Hobbies Galore)
Drunk Elk “In The Tuscan Sun” b/w “Wings Of Winter” 7” (I Dischi Del Barone)
Crescent “I’m Not Awake” Resin Pockets LP (Geographic)
Tenniscoats “Ratanka” Music Exists Disc 1 LP (Alien Transistor)
Julianna Barwick & Rafael Anton Irisarri “B2” Thesis 10 10” (Thesis Project)
Dreamland Faces “My Heart Is Lost” Icebreaker 10” (self-released)
Roger Eno “DeeDee Alone” & “Where You Once Were” This Floating World LP (Recital)
~Talk break~
Matthew Revert “The Sincere Pleasure” (excerpt) A Discussion Was Had In Your Absence CD (Tristes Tropiques)
Giuseppe Ielasi “Untitled/track #3“ Even When They Speak Of Space CD (Senufo Editions)
Dream Weapon Ritual “Tittle-Tattle Among Secret Devices” The Uncanny Little Sparrows LP (Boring Machines)
Ka Baird “Tok Tru” Sapropelic Pycnic LP (Drag City)
Chimess “Nyingchi” Path CS (Cave Recordings)
John Duncan “The Immense Room” (excerpt) Klaar LP (Black Truffle)
~Talk break~
Rudolf Eb.er “Rituelle Entfleischung 1” Rituelle Entfleischung CS (Pilgrim Talk)
Melkings excerpt from Outten O.D.’d CS (The Gift of Music)
Norman Anderson “Composition for Functional Sound (The Organization of a Lo-Fi Environment)” Playing By Ear 7” (M.I.A.)
Die Tödliche Doris “Über-Mutti” “ “ LP (États-Unis)
Kraus “Why Oh Why” Grip the Moon CS (Soft Abuse)
Mezzanine Swimmers “Louis Warship” Black Cat in Heat CS (Already Dead Tapes)
Solid Space “Tenth Planet” Space Museum LP (Dark Entries)
Emilio Aparicio Moog “Los Visitantes De Siro” Expansión Galáctica CD (Mental Experience)
Pierre Henry “Concerto Des Ambiguïtés” (excerpt) w/ Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul LP (Doxy)
~Talk break~
Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin “Kombucha Entrepreneurs” Earth Tones at the Metal Show CS (Full Spectrum)

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