FFFoxy Podcast #111

I hope you are all having or, depending on when you’re stumbling upon this, that you had a happy holidays. I was considering putting together a sort of companion show to the Favorite Music of 2017 post that I put up on the Free Form Freakout website, but as I’ve been listening through some of the music that has arrived here late in the year, I’ll admit that there is plenty more that could have easily made it onto that post. (Note to self: expand the lists and extend the date if you do such a thing again in the future.) Anyways, I figured that on this installment I’d just move ahead and showcase some of those albums that weren’t listed instead, including stunning new works from Félicia Atkinson, Aquarelle, John Maus, and Timo van Luijk & Mark Harwood. I also realized that there were some exceptional releases sitting on my shelves, a few with very timely connections, which I’ve never played on the show before, so I decided to include some of these throughout as well. You’ll hear material from Z’ev (who sadly passed away on December 16th), Sapropelic Pycnic (Ka Baird’s project and now title of her latest solo album on Drag City), and Crystalized Movements (whose Mind Disaster album has been reissued on LP once again by Twisted Village). To me, this all seemed like a good way to look back, while at the same time keeping things moving forward into the new year. I hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

~Introductory Music: Grant Evans “And the Body Beneath”
Félicia Atkinson “Visnaga” Hand In Hand 2LP (Shelter Press)
Aquarelle “Brass Logic” Leave Corners LP (Debacle)
Tarotplane “A Polaroid Sunset” (excerpt) 358 Oblique LP (Lullabies For Insomniacs)
The Conet Project “Bugle” Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations 4CD (Irdial-Disc)
Giovanni Fontana “Radio/dramma: Cancellature” Epigenetic Poetry LP (Recital)
Derek Baron “Serious Harpist” (excerpt) Harpist CS (Pentiments)
Z’ev “Seventh Movement/Eight Movement” Symphony #2 Elementalities CD (Blossoming Noise)
~Talk break~
Syko Friend “Cherry Eyes” (excerpt) Angel’s Ride 12” EP (Dove Cove)
Movietone “3AM Walking Smoking Talking” S/T LP (Planet)
Keel Her “I’d Be Your Slave” (R. Stevie Moore remix) S/T LP (Critical Heights)
John Maus “Walls of Silence” Screen Memories LP (Ribbon Music)
Cat Kids “Holy Days” S/T CS (self-released)
Adventures of Tyoma Baranov “Kyphosis” Medicine & Health CS (Post-Materialization Music)
Imbue “We Kill Legends Here (ft. Sobright) Ghost Stories CS (Already Dead Tapes)
Medina/Walsh “Vault of Angels” Vault of Angels LP (Debacle)
~Talk break~
Timo van Luijk & Mark Harwood “Armenia” Vang Circular LP (Penultimate Press)
TSA “Where To Go, What To Do (Pressures At Home)” Home of the Green Wave LP (Natural Law)
Cerberus Shoal “Stumblin’ Block” Mr. Boy Dog 2CD (Temporary Residence)
Sapropelic Pycnic “Elation Elegance Exaltation” A Love Supreme CS (No Index)
Richard Skelton “Of the Last Generation” Landings CD (Type)
L. Eugene Methe and Megan Siebe “Side B” (excerpt) Revisited, Revisited, Revisited CS (Eh?)
~Talk break~
Crystalized Movements “Psychotical Delusions” Mind Disaster CD (Twisted Village)
Flying Saucer Attack “Side 4” (excerpt) In Search of Spaces 2LP (VHF)

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