FFFoxy Podcast #106

I realize that I’m starting to sound like a broken record when I regularly say that I have a jam-packed show, but MAN do I have a jam-packed show for you this time around. I was able to squeeze in twenty-five different selections, the majority of which come from newer releases from over the past few months, and there’s lots of new titles on vinyl that I lugged up to the studio this week. Some of these LPs are truly exceptional, amongst my favorites of the year, I’d say. I’d include the Elodie, Pancrace, Maraudeur, Mosquitoes, Giant Claw, and Leif Brush albums in this category. I’m also quite enjoying the beguiling audio tapestries weaved by the likes of Permanent Six Flags, Id M Theft Able, and C. Reider. And hey, there’s a healthy little detour into a newer breed of No Wave-inspired music in the middle of the show. I hope you enjoy this new episode, and I hope you found something new to explore further. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Ilta Hämärä “Kutitteellinen Alkuperä” Saivo LP (Sloowax)
Elodie “Une ronde” Balayes De La Main Du Hasard LP (Faraway Press)
Andrew Chalk & Tom James Scott “Calluna” Calluna LP (Skire)
Michel Potage “Un autre, autre” Occupé LP (Alga Marghen)
Pancrace “Side C” (excerpt) S/T 2LP (Penultimate Press)
Nurse With Wound “Approaching Darkness Fish” Who Can I Turn To Stereo etc 2CD (Jnana Records)
Mirror “Side A” (excerpt) I Paint For Love Of Color LP (Idea)
(Talk break)
The Miami Dolphins “Connect the Dots” Water Your Waiting For CD (FPE Records)
Nonzoo “Great American Trough” Wazoo CS (Already Dead Tapes)
Razor Cunts “Bats and Walnuts” Nature’s Pocket CS (Kitchen Leg)
Stratocastors “Total” Autre Regard CS (OJC Recordings)
Maraudeur “Dust Dries On Its Rest” S/T LP (Bruit Direct Disques)
Mosquitoes “Diodic” S/T 12” EP (self-released)
Permanent Six Flags “Track #3” Harping on Units Since Forever CD-R (Reading Group)
Seth Kasselman “Left Out” Left Out CS (UR Sounds)
Galactic Explorers “Lunarscape” (excerpt) Epitaph For Venus CD (Mental Experience)
(Talk break)
Giant Claw “003” Soft Channel LP (Orange Milk)
Cops “Human Office” S/T CS (Field Hymns)
Ryan Huber “Ascend” Suburban Peril CD-R (Inam Records)
Id M Theft Able “Diary Steam” split w/ Crank Sturgeon CS (Ultra Violet Light)
Leif Brush “Hexagram Construct SAIC” Stitching In Process: Windmixed Data 2LP (Pentiments)
Mike Collino “Flat Rock” (excerpt) Empire/Flat Rock CS (Thalamos)
Pablo Picco “Side A” (excerpt) The Bombastic and Repetitive Sounds of Tashi Ling Buddhas… CS (More Mars)
C. Reider “Listening After the End, Part I” (excerpt) Listening After the End CS (Reno Park Press)
(Talk break)
Joe McPhee and Bryan Eubanks “Side B” (excerpt) My Undocumented Alien Clarinet LP (Penultimate Press)

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