FFFoxy Podcast #101: Andrew Weathers in-studio session

I have another special show for you this time around. Andrew Weathers is currently out on the road touring this summer, and he recently stopped by Mankato to perform an in-studio session at KMSU. Andrew is a thoughtful musician whose work often blurs the lines between American folk and experimental music traditions, incorporating elements of both composition and improvisation. Since roughly 2009, Andrew has been active as a solo artist, and he has regularly performed in various group and collaborative projects such as his Andrew Weathers Ensemble and the Real Life Rock & Roll Band. During the first half of the show, we focused on Andrew’s musical output. Then, in the second half, Andrew and his partner Gretchen Korsmo, hung out and we discussed their work together with running the Full Spectrum Records label and some of their recent life changes that resulted in a move from Oakland, California to Littlefield, Texas, where their other cassette sub-label, Editions Littlefield, takes it name from. Throughout this part of the show, we played a bunch of the newer music that has come out on both Full Spectrum and Editions Littlefield, including a few forthcoming titles. A lot of ground was covered and a good discussion was had, so I encourage you to listen to the entirety of this show. Check out Andrew’s website for details on his upcoming tour dates and click on the links below to learn more about or to purchase any of the releases played throughout the show. I hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Andrew Weathers “We Are Sitting Here Right Now” Under The Tree CS (FS049)
Andrew Weathers “Ocotillo Band” Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles CS (FS047)
Andrew Weathers Ensemble “You Are Powerful & We Are Taking Over” Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything LP (FS035)
Real Life Rock & Roll Band “Let Me Sleep” b/w “Death Is A Narrow Sea” CS (FS048)
**Andrew Weathers live in-studio session**
(Interview segment with Andrew Weathers & Gretchen Korsmo)
Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman “Beacon” Ogallala CS (FS054)
Blaine Todd “Golden Apples of the West” Golden Apples of the West CS (FS052)
Wes Tirey “Come Home (The End Is Near Blues)” O, Annihilator CS (FS030)
(Interview segment with Andrew Weathers & Gretchen Korsmo)
Ctrl-Z “Etude #51” S/T CS (FS057)
Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods “02” S/T CS (FS056)
Golconda “FR 253” 25 to 40 CS (FS055)
(Interview segment with Andrew Weathers & Gretchen Korsmo)
MJ Lallo “Mystic Mamba” The Channeled Voice CS (FS051)
Sarah Davachi “Brumeux” The Untuning of the Sky CS (FS028)
Radere “I Can’t Sleep” (excerpt) I Can’t Sleep/I Can’t Wake Up LP (FS050)

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