We remain committed to keeping everything about Free Form Freakout a free experience: free from genre restrictions, free from flickering ads, free from subscriptions to unlock exclusive content. You get the idea. We want people to be able to stumble upon this material wherever they are at and hopefully discover something new here. We are fortunate that we have unfettered access to KMSU studios in Mankato to allow us to produce the podcast/radio show as we see fit without having to pay a single dime. We have, however, always dug into our own pockets for all other aspects of keeping FFF afloat: from web hosting fees, to our Soundcloud account, to replacing broken cassette decks, to compensating out-of-town artists. So, without getting into an overwrought and dire plea for help, we are simply going to post this digital donation jar for those of you out there that are interested in what we are doing and would like to support us in whatever small way you can. We don’t want to devise any ridiculous, tiered Kickstarter-like campaigns, but we will offer up personalized music care packages filled with different combinations of tapes, CDs, LPs, zines, and books for anyone who feels compelled to donate $25 or more. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions; otherwise, thanks for your consideration.

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